Start your own Newsletter
Starting your own Newsletter can be a lot easier than you think. Specially when you are an active Networker!…and because all you really need to get started publishing your own paperless newsletter is content, an auto responder with broadcast feature, and a website (which is optional). Creating Your Newsletter Content […]

What You Need to Start Your Own Newsletter

Your Book as Business Card
Stand out with your Book as your Business Card!     Imagine, using your book to introduce yourself instead of same old, same old, business card? Using your book to introduce yourself is certainly a creative spin on the old business card. You are at a networking event and see […]

Make Your Book Your Business Card

What is Multi Channel Marketing and Why do I need it? Want to know more? Grab this FREE Download, Click on the Picture: Here is the Video transcribed, if you prefer reading: What Multi Channel Marketing is Have you heard the buzz about multi-channel marketing? Implementing a multi-channel marketing approach […]

Multi Channel Marketing

I’m a local Business why do I need to be online? Here a short Video answering this Question: If you enjoyed this information and would like to receive more free tips and answers to many other Marketing questions people ask me visit:   Video Text, if you prefer reading: I’m […]

Local Business Online

How do you create your Networking Impression? Perception in reality, right? What Networking first Impression do you create? Here are 4 Valuable Tips for you: 1.Look the part before going to the Event You might be surprised to know how many people fall short in the fundamental area of appearance, […]

Networking Impression

Top Ten Networking Questions Going to a number of different networking functions a month keeps you visible in your local area. It’s a great way to make new connections, meet new people and potentially increase your database One big issue for many business owners going networking is: ‘What do I […]

Networking Questions

Women Entrepreneurs Succeeding with Teamwork by Sigrid de Kaste Many entrepreneurs feel it’s a lot of hard work to get the business up and running They think it’s up to just them to prove they can do it But when you scratch the surface you’ll find behind every successful entrepreneur is teamwork! […]


Network Marketing Are you a great Networker looking for a Network Marketing Business to join? Network Marketing is a fantastic opportunity to network, meet new people and also make money If you’ve ever thought about creating your own network, considering joining network marketing is a great choice Here is a […]

Network Marketing

A Great Networker Profile To be a great networker, connecting with new people is vital skill for any entrepreneur.The great networker, hoping to grow their network has to learn even if this is not always easy, especially for introverts Here are 5 Habits to adopt to be a great networker: […]

Great Networker

Networking and Accountants – Does that work? When you think about an Accountant, what comes to mind? Most people would not readily put Networking and Accountants together Those in the Accounting profession that are aware of the powers of networking may participate in Chamber of Commerce networking functions So let […]

Networking and Accountants