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To Brand or Not to Brand…

Branding creates visibility for your product or services…it’s a visusal way to become recognized and in marketing terms branding is explained as having 3 main purposes:

  1. Product/Services identitfication
  2. Repeat Sales
  3. New Product Sales

There is a fascination with branding….and it can mean different things to different people…one thing is pretty clear though…branding your product or service, even with the fantastic tools online, requires time to make it visible…


…now let’s take branding into the networking arena…

How do you Brand yourself ….?

Just like branding your products or services…it’a about visibility…you HAVE to be visible to become known…recognized for who you are and what you stand for

With recognition come ‘sales’ or requests for your products/ services and once you’ve delivered…stay connected…stay visible and gain repeat sales…


Yes, sounds like it and remind yourself that if you are out there networking to make yourself, your products or services known…or if you belong to a networking group with regular meetings…it is essential to SHOW UP….REGULARLY…

…..because the saying:

Out of Sight …Out of Mind

is absolutely true! If you are networking it is a good idea to show up regularly, every time the event is on, to be seen…to BRAND yourself

There's a Seat waiting

This way you stay on the mind of others…become recognized…and are remembered for who you are, what you do

…and if you are a member of a weekly networking group…fantastic! This is a great way to BRAND yourself, by attending weekly

So…if you can’t attend…what do you do?….send someone in your place!

Remember …branding is about visibility…if you are NOT seen you are NOT remembered and the functions of branding won’t work for you

  • Other businesses won’t recognize you…won’t refer to you if you are not attending regularly
  • You are unlikely to attract repeat sales if you are not in attendance
  • It is more difficult to attract new sales when you are only seen sometimes

It pays to be visible….and it’s part of your 1-2-3 branding….

  1. …become a VISIBLE networker
  2. …attend the functions regularly
  3. …send someone on your behalf if you can’t make it

Best practice…and to help you out to better understand branding I’ve selected the books below…great value and worth while reading for your brand understanding


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