Sigrid de Kaste

Networking Presentation with Visual Variety on Family Law by Sigrid de Kaste Networking can be most rewarding when the organisation offers a networking presentation This week I was impressed with a networking presentation by a wonderful young lawyer, Tarryn Rea, presenting her segment in a fun, visual way Tarryn explained […]

Networking Presentation

Property Management Remax United Vision Networking events are great for making new connections. You might network to get more business or become better known.  AND networking events are great for getting new and useful information from presentations Most networking events offer a speaker opportunity. At this function I was impressed […]

Property Management

  Business Advice Quotes “Your biggest break can come from never quitting, Being at the right place at the right time  can ony happen when you keep moving toward the next opportunity -Arthur Pine   When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger, […]

Business Advice

Is Networking Success Simple? Networking Success is relatively simple but not always easy! What’s the difference? There are a number of simple steps to follow in order to achieve Networking Success however many ‘networkers’ don’t follow the steps or don’t make the time to implement consistently So when I say […]

Networking Success

Does Speed Networking help you get New Business? An annual event run by the Chamber of Commerce in Bangor, Maine (US) is always a great success for participants to make new contacts The actual event is an expo opportunity for local businesses to display their wares and the speed networking […]

Speed Networking