BNI Networking in the Park

….and the losers are…..

….definitely not those BNI Brisbane South Members who turned up for the Power in the Park May Day 2011!

A great time with a great group of business people and their families… Lots of fun and feast with littlies mingling amongst it all

Brisbane had turned out a magnificent day and the little lake as the meeting background was spectacular, Minnippi Parklands, you can check iT out on Google Earth!

All who made the time and effort to network in the park made some new connections, are looking forward to more recognition and being in touch with these newly formed business relationships

Don't be a loser….do come to the next one!

…..NOT the Members of BNI Brisbane South Region Chapters who came together for a meet and greet and do business while bonding with the family and playing games on the May Day Holiday Celebration.  

Girls getting together to give tips on how to win!!


Pssst, Betty…here is what you've got to do to win….




Team Building Games….










..….mmmm have we figured it out yet?

I'm the next Generation BNI…..and I know how it works….ask me!


Come with me….I show you what Networking in the Park is all about!


Full of concentration for the next move!

My eyes are on the goal!

The Nordenberg Family…teaching the young

Will we use the chair or not?

What are you doing? They can’t see that sign from the car park, Henry!!!…says Lindsay

The big black Poodle was part of it!!

…and when the shadows grow longer….nearly time to go home!!

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