Business Networking

Why Networking is Your Business Building Tool

Are you a business owner who complains about never having time to network?

You might not realise it’s not a chore but a business building tool you should use regularly…in fact 15 min a day can make a huge difference to your business!

Make use of these 3 specific Networking ‘Tools” and you’ll be amazed at the power they’ll bring into your business!

1. Phone Calls

Make a number of phone calls every day. Text messages are useful and emails are convenient, but nothing beats a conversation. Call a couple of past clients asking how they are. Then listen, don’t interrupt, don’t try to sell anything, just listen. You might be surprised what eventuates

2. Thank You

Send thank you notes. Who has done something for you in the last week? Who has gone out of their way to help you? Who has given you a referral recently? Send them a thank you note via good old fashioned mail. It will probably take you longer to address the envelope than it will to write the note. The habit of sending at least one thank you a week is a great networking activity to practice

3. LinkedIn

Spend your 15 minutes on LinkedIn and use the time going through your connections and send recommendations to your preferred suppliers and connections. Writing a different testimonial for everyone who has done a great job for you. Testimonials are a powerful way of getting recommendations in response. What you give out comes around

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