Do you belong?

How Do You Know If You Belong?

by Sigrid de Kaste

It is said people love to belong to something, be part of something. Belonging is the feeling of being valued, of value

How does that work in Networking?

Think about it, to an extend we actually want to belong to the group we go to when we go to attend a networking function. Sure, it is about business, building relationships, but when you think about it for a moment, if we like the surrounds and the people in the room do we not get the feel of wanting to come back?

And when we make the decision to join the group, is it not to belong?

What influences your decision to want to belong?

Most networking groups meet over breakfast, morning tea or lunch, so a social occasion we all take part in daily. The meal you are being served would influence your decision to belong to some extend, wouldn’t it?


Of course, the people in attendance would be the biggest influence in your decision to belong and there might be several factors you consider:

  1. Is it a friendly group?
  2. Are there people I connect with?
  3. Is there business for me to gain?


Women in Focus

Belonging to a group is also about committment, isn’t it? You’ll need to commit to attend the meetings, commit to get to know the other members and commit be open to help others at times

Most networking groups also require your committment to paying – that might be a monthly or annual fee or just the meal

Committing to payment can also be a strong deciding factor, can’t it?

Well on that note…here is an invitation for you to committ to belong…to be part of a community of members worldwide – networking is part of it!

Joining the Stickybeak Community is about getting receiving and sharing experiences, showing off your business and who you are, networking is done online!

Right now joining the group is free…

What do you need to bring to the group?

A willingness to share, participate and be visible in some of our online events…

Would you like to…? Join here:


Looking forward to “seeing” you soon!

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