Do you know?

When you don’t know what you need to know?!

by Sigrid de Kaste

Coming into a new group can be daunting for some…coming in and not knowing anyone might be scary…and coming in and NOT being told what to do and how to do what needs doing can be terrifying!

Most networking groups have some rules and regulations, do’s and dont’s…but who’s role is it to make sure every new member is being made aware of it?

A great way of course is to have a particular person look after new members and give them all the details on the how to’s and not to’s …that way the transition from new to know will be a smooth one and no one feels put on the spot…like this person did:

New to the group, he’s quieter, maybe a little bit shy, but there to make friends and certainly always shows a smile

Because he’s quiet, he does not ask too many questions…so he does not find out what is to be done at the next meeting…and when gets asked to do what everyone else has done …nothing..he simply did not know!

So here’s my tip:

Do you know? Do you know what to do…do you know how to do it?

At the very next meeting you attend…make sure you help someone who is new..someone who does NOT know so he/she gets to know and gets to participate just like you!

Help Someone

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Click the Picture to get all the details

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