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To be a great networker, connecting with new people is vital skill for any entrepreneur.The great networker, hoping to grow their network has to learn even if this is not always easy, especially for introverts

Here are 5 Habits to adopt to be a great networker:

1. Smile

A Great networker smiles when they enter a room. Smiles are contagious and the simple act makes people feel great. Dale Carnegie, author of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ says: “The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.” Carnegie even cites an old training program that phone companies used to provide to teach selling over the phone. “They suggest you smile when talking on the phone,” he writes. “Your ‘smile’ comes through in your voice.”

2. Pay Attention

A great networker knows that people want to tell their story. So going to a networking function, be the person that pays attention and gets excited to hear stories.  Dale Carnegie tells the story of meeting a woman at a party who’d just returned from a trip to Africa with her husband. “Africa!” Carnegie exclaimed. “How interesting. I’ve always wanted to see Africa.” He asked the women a quick series of questions. The woman wound up talking to him for 45 straight minutes. Be a great networker, ask the questions and pay attention to the person

3. Show Interest

A great networker shows interest in the people when at a function. They see the people there as friends they have yet to meet. Again, to quote from Dale Carnegie, he describes how Jim Farley, former chaiman of the Democratic National Committee, had a method for turning strangers into friends. Whenever he met someone new, Farley found out their full names, their family situations, and a few business or political opinions. By soliciting these specifics, he was in a better position–when he met someone for the second time–“to shake hands, inquire about the family, and ask about the hollyhocks in the backyard.”

4. Give of Yourself

Meeting new people is about widening your contacts and enriching your and their lives. Give all you can, embrace generosity and see how you and others become more successful. A great networker is prepared to give of himself and share whenever and whatever possible. For Dale Carnegie, giving to others became both a sales technique and a method of persuasion. He once, allowed a storekeeper who couldn’t pay him in cash, payment in shoes

5. Contribute

A great networker will embrace conversation with those around. Everyone has something to offer. The person who serves you coffee or the guy next to you on a park bench or plane. Start a conversation, even if you’re the shy type. The only way to get better at it, is to make an effort. The best method for overcoming fears, is to do the thing you fear to do.  The more you start a conversation and contribute in groups, the better you get at it and can use it successfully at networking functions

To becoming a great networker!

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