Invitation to Connect

….with so many different ways to connect with each other online in the various forums, platforms and via email….video is a powerful and effective way to capture your audience, engage and become known…

So here I took 15min to chat about BNI…the highlights as I see them and the great elements we have to fully engage and give business to each other

Further, in my time in BNI I’ve found members like to hear what other chapters are doing…how they handle the various parts and roles and bring it all together

While there is much available through our membership to get information…it’s the face to face …let’s talk element that many are interseted in sharing

Watch the video and let me know by contacting me….via this site or anywhere else you might already connected with me in the social media …if you’d like to share your thoughts, highlights and questions with me and others online..

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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