Inviting Visitors

Successful Visitor Inviting for Your Next Visitors Day

Inviting Visitors  – Step 1

Step by step approach to inviting visitors to your next visitors day

Click below on the white arrow of the black bar and listen to the 1min voice recording

Then take action


Please use these ideas for inviting visitors for next weeks’ visitor day

Want to re-visit the inviting formula? CLICK HERE

Inviting Visitors


Inviting Visitors – Step 2

By today you have some feed back from those you’ve invited to next week’s meeting

When you do your email follow up you may wish to add a link to this video. This video give an overview of BNI

If you do not yet have any visitors confirmed for next week, send out a few emails. You may go to Google and find some business in the local area. Look for categories you want in the chapter.

Consider also suburbs adjacent to the one the meeting is held in

Take action…send out email invitations today

Here is the BNI overview Video…


Written by by Sigrid de Kaste

Sigrid de Kaste is the Director and Marketing Specialist of Stickybeak Marketing and you can connect with her on Google+