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I’m a local Business why do I need to be online?

Here a short Video answering this Question:

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Video Text, if you prefer reading:

I’m a local business. Why do I need to be online?

Hi, I’m Sigrid de Kaste from Stickybeak Marketing, and you know what?

That’s a question I heard a lot in the jewelry industry in my days. The jewelers would think, well, I know the customers will pass through the door because they want to see the ring, they want to see the jewelry, they want to try it on. They’re not interested without touching it, I don’t really need to be online.

Sorry, you are totally wrong!

  • Ten to twenty points of contact before the customer comes into your shop or into your bricks and mortar or local business, whichever wording you use for that.
  • Don’t be deceived into thinking, my customers come through my door so I don’t need to be online.
  • Your customers look for you, find you, get to know you long, long before they set foot into your shop.
  • You need to make sure that you are visible, and that you give your customers the best possible picture of yourself that you can.
  • Show them that you are knowledgeable. Put information out there on things that you know about, that you are the expert on, that you are the authority on.
  • Give them that information, and that needs to be online because, hey, I bet even you have your mobile phone with you all day long.
  • Even if you, yourself, might not be looking at it all the time, your customers are.

They are everywhere. That’s a great opportunity for you to be there too.

Get online. Make sure you have a website, but not just a website.

You need to be represented in many different online opportunity areas such as social media, other people’s websites.

You want to create a network of websites that you are represented on.

Hey, come to Stickybeak and we can help you with that.

Local business, international business, you want to be represented online anywhere, anytime for your customers.

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