Make Your Book Your Business Card

Stand out with your Book as your Business Card!



Imagine, using your book to introduce yourself instead of same old, same old, business card?

Using your book to introduce yourself is certainly a creative spin on the old business card.

You are at a networking event and see the person you really want to connect with. You grab your book, walk up to him or her and start the conversation something like this:

Hi, my name is…, and I do…and I have an idea that will help you … – you hand over your book, and mention what it is about and perhaps on which page the person will find more info on what you are offering them. Then you say: …let me autograph it just for you, write in the page I’m referring to – or something similar

You might be able to:
• Help others make more money.
• Get others more attention.
• Get them in the media.
• Get them in the news.
…whatever it is that you can help someone with.

Can you imagine the instant expertise and authority you gain by using your book instead of a business card?

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Why Writing a Book is So Important

Here’s why I think writing a book for your business is so important. First of all, your book equals access, income, and power. It also gives you that additional gravitas, the authority, expert status, and a voice. It’s like getting an exclusive VIP ticket to a private, members only club

Your Book as Business Card

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