Meeting One on One


Networking One on One

by Sigrid de Kaste

Going on the Networking circuit when you first go into business is a great way to get to know other business owners. It’s also great to find out what type of businessses are out there and whether or not you have a lot of competition in the market where you network

When I first started, I was out nearly every week, building a great list of contacts and staying in touch via email…after a while I realized, yes I have a great list..but how well do I really know the people I’ve met?

From then on I made sure I’d send a personal email every time I’d come back from a networking function. This showed me very soon who was interested in me and who not

A fantastic way of really drilling down to business of course is to meet up with some of the people you meet on a one on one

This gives both the opportunity to focus on each other’s likes, plans and what you’re looking for in terms of expanding your business

Here is what I found recently:

Even though I’ve been a member of a networking group for quite a number of years….those members who have not made the time to meet with me regularly have NO idea what I actually do, what my business is exactly and how they might help promote or refer me…How SAD!


When you’re networking you’ll get more from it when you get involved and get to know others by meeting up one on one frequently

Meeting one on one

New things happen in everyone’s business, new products and services and even to just really understand the other person’s business…takes time to get to know!

Whether you go to many networking events or just one…make the time to catch up one on one with EVERYONE regularly!

Happy Networking!

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