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Networking and Accountants – Does that work?

When you think about an Accountant, what comes to mind? Most people would not readily put Networking and Accountants together

Those in the Accounting profession that are aware of the powers of networking may participate in Chamber of Commerce networking functions

So let me introduce this forward thinking Accountant

Terry Smith

Terry Smith Networking and Accountants

Terry Smith, Director at Allens Australia Accounting Firm values Networking and Accountants as part of it

At a recent networking function, Terry presented his business and how Allens Australia offers personalized service to businesses from small to large

Being comfortable at networking can be a challenge for Accountants and finding not only the right tone but a topic that keeps the audience ‘alive’ is often very difficult

Surprisingly this was no challenge for Terry. He simply took the adage networking and accountants ‘by the horns’ so to speak and delivered a lively and engaging presentation

Aside from details about Allens Australia and how they operate to the advantage of their clients, these this segment of Terry’s presentation stood out for me

Terry managed to joke about Accountants in a very interesting way. This is what he told the audience:

There was a Marketer, an Engineer and an Accountant in an interview asked what 2 plus 2 is

1. The Marketer responded with ease: 22…Marketers make things look more than they maybe are…

2. he Engineer answered, after a moment’s thought: 3.9221…as Engineers have to be absolutely precise!

3. The Accountant hesitated, pulled the interviewer aside and whispered: 2 plus 2 can be made anything you want it to be…!

You can imagine the audiences delight at such a pinch of humour by an Accountant!

That shows, networking and accountants do go together, provided they put a bit of thought into their appearance, the audience and their presentation

You can go and check out Allens Australia right here on this link…but I warn you, the website is a bit dry…

While Terry Smith did a splendid job with his presentation, ¬†Allens Australia’s Website up date is more to the point …Accountants point, that is

Have a Happy Week…and if you come across networking and accountants at the function, do observe and come back with your views…


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