Networking and Visitors

Good morning BNI Midas Members and Visitors…

…is how we generally get into our weekly promotions…and what a wonderful feel it is to showcase one’s product and services to visitors

What would networking be without visitors…? Whether you are a visitor at a networking function or bring along a visitor to your networking group…we all benefit from making new connections

Sometimes I get asked: “How many networking events can you go to..? There is only so much time…well here is the thing..

Go to them all….that’s the only way to research where your product or services will have the greatest impact helping others…

By getting to know the existing members of a networking group you’ll be able to find out if your target market of customers/clients is in the room…or likely connected to the members in the room..

Go more than just once…often we miss important aspects at the first visit because we focus on ourselves…self conscious and listening to others not always goes together!

Make contact with the people you met…and leave your contact details..(this morning we had visitors not handing out their business cards…no no no!!)

If you are a member of a BNI Chapter…these points are part of what you will be exposed to so becoming a great Networker anywhere is really easy…if you are NOT a BNI Chapter Member …contact us…and we’ll invite you to come and visit us!

Feel free to comment, always great to get other points of views…






Sigrid de Kaste

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