Networking Impression

How do you create your Networking Impression?

Perception in reality, right? What Networking first Impression do you create?

Here are 4 Valuable Tips for you:

1.Look the part before going to the Event

You might be surprised to know how many people fall short in the fundamental area of appearance, If it’s a chamber of commerce networking breakfast, don’t go casual, wear a business outfit. It’s a good idea to be well rested clear headed when attending a morning networking session – being alert comes across as being knowledgeable

2. Make sure your Body Language sends the right Message

When is comes to forming networking relationships, most of the important information – trustworthiness, friendliness, sincerity, openness – is communicated through non verbal cues such as posture, facial expression and hand gestures. When engaging in conversation, look the other person directly into he eye and stay focused on what he/she’s saying.

3. Get your Act together

Make sure you know which pocket your business cards are in and have plenty on hand. Nothing screams: “One of these days I’ve got to get organized!” louder than handing a potential referral partner someone else’s business card! Also – remember to smile when meeting someone for the first time. Studies have shown that if you smile when yo talk, you seem more open and forthright.

Have the first 12 Words ready to roll off your Tongue

When someone asks you what you do, make sure you’re ready with a response that is succinct and memorable. The attention span of the average adult is only 20 seconds. You will loose your newly found connections attention!

Create a unique selling proposition for yourself and have it ready at every networking event

Happy Networking!

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