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Networking Presentation with Visual Variety on Family Law

by Sigrid de Kaste

Networking can be most rewarding when the organisation offers a networking presentation

This week I was impressed with a networking presentation by a wonderful young lawyer, Tarryn Rea, presenting her segment in a fun, visual way

Tarryn Rea Family Lawyer's Networking Presentation

Tarryn explained the various challenges Family Law presents for parents and other family members involved.  Her networking presentation included a ‘hands on’ visual part

What’s so great about a visual, hands on part in a networking presentation? It involves the audience on a deeper level and creates interest and fun…

…. all that leads to actually better taking the information in and better remembering it!

Think about it for a moment, the last networking presentation you saw, what do you remember about it?

Visuals are great but ‘hands on’ and getting physically involved is what really stimulates the audience. Tarryn did this beautifully!

Here is what Tarryn did:

  • She placed a Christmas Cracker on every table before the networking presentation. Of course we were all very curious what the Christmas Cracker might be on the table for!
  • Tarryn used Power Point Slides and talked about Family Law aspects. She had the audience captured as Family Law is a topic for every one at a networking presentation

Her style was light and easy yet her deep knowledge in the topic was very clear. Then it was time for Tarryn to make her point. She said to the audience:

“Two people at every table, please take the cracker and pull it apart…:

Of course that was fun…we all did with laughter and chasing the little paper slips that were thrown around in the pulling process!

So what was the purpose of the Christmas Cracker?

Tarryn explained it like this:

“In a Family Court Case 2 people pull each in a different direction. It is not always easy or straight forward how the court will decide and ‘paper’ flies everywhere, so to speak. However some of the laws are laid out, and as you can read on the paper slips that fell out of your cracker, those are clear cut”

Family Law Cracker used at Networking Presentation


Visual variety at this networking presentation helped all get the point. Well done, Tarryn Rea!

Tarryn is available for consultations at Migration Guru in Brisbane. She is a member of BNI Midas Chapter. Her networking presentation will be in our minds for quite some time to come!



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One thought on “Networking Presentation

  • Tatjana Slipczenko

    I went through my property settlement with a firm of lawyers in Toowoomba in 2009. I had a family home in Toowoomba. I wanted to keep the family as I was given primary care of the child of the marriage by the Family Court. My lawyer told me that my ex husband wanted 50/50. I managed to push my lawyer for 75/25 for me being 75%. I instructed my lawyer that I wanted to keep the matrimonial home and that my parents were happy to pay out my ex husband his 25% share of the house so that I could keep the house. My lawyer told me that it was in my best interests to sell the home and “start afresh and move on” and said it was his legal advice for the house to be sold. I was in tears. After legal fees were paid I walked away with approximately $7000 in my pocket and hence began my rental cycle which brought me into despair. A big NO THANKYOU to this incompetent and grossly negligent lawyer from Toowoomba who is was at the time; and currently is – a partner of a exclusively boutique style family law ONLY firm. Wish I had Tarryn represent me back then (but she was not a lawyer back then in 2009) as clearly from her presentation; and her Christmas Cracker – “PRIMARY CAREGIVER OF THE CHILDREN GETS FAMILY HOME”. I didn’t get the family home on my lawyer’s advice to become a renter.