Networking Presentation

When it’s Your Turn to Present at a Networking Event…..

…what do you do?

Silly question, you think? Not really, I’m interested if you’re nervous, exited, go tell everybody or tell nobody because you’re nervous?

I personally love presentations. It’s a way to visually present your business and the way you do it reflects on who you are…I was a Toastmaster for a number of years so let me share these

5 Presentation Tips I picked up at Toastmasters

1. Preparation

Don’t leave home without it! Prepare your presentation. Think carefully what impact you’d like to have on the audience and select your style and words to create that impact. Less can be more, visuals are great when kept as additions not the entire presentation. Your audience wants to get to know you…not just your slides

2. Topic

When you do your preparation, research who your audience is. What is it they expect from you, what do they want to hear. Would they prefer an overview or a focused session on just one element of your expertise?

3. Engage

From the very word go…engage your audience! Yes, it’s your presentation and your topic…but you want grab your audience and keep them with you all the way! So start strong, something to get a response…and keep it up. Ask questions, look around for agreement, keep in interesting. If you do all the talking you loose your audience

4. Recover

When you’re new to presenting it’s easy to slip and loose track, get distracted perhaps by someone asking a question or being so nervous you simply go blank. Here is the thing, your audience has NO idea what you are presenting so anything you do or say may actually be part of your presentation. No one will ever know as long as you simply recover and continue…give no explanation, no excuses, just keep going!

5. Action

Whatever your presentation is about, have a call to action. Ask, maybe even demand, your audience do something as a result of your topic. Audiences hold speakers in high esteem and are very likely to follow your instructions and take that action you propose

There you go, that’s my PETRA for presentation…let me know how you go next time when you follow PETRA


PETRA = Preparation – Engage – Topic – Recover – Action


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