Networking Relationships

Forming Profitable Networking Relationships

When you’re out there ‘networking’ in effect you’re forming relationships….and just like any other relationship it needs attention, consideration and care

While many networking groups and opportunities are not based on as much committment as the BNI system is, you are still more effective when you genuinely build relationships with other participants rather than simply sell…and I’m sure you know that

Here is the thing though…actually being part of a group and meeting weekly is great…taking the committment to the next level is the relationship building outside of the regular meetings and a great example of this emerged when a member was able to close business with the opportunity to gain further business from a fun and more social function she attended which was held by one of the members…

There are now many different function opportunities with Christmas so close…and of course we cannot attend them all

Careful consideration of the one’s most beneficial must be part of your weekly planning…and so with this in mind…I’m off to a lunch time function in the city!

Have a great week!


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