Networking Success

Is Networking Success Simple?

Networking Success is relatively simple but not always easy!

What’s the difference?

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There are a number of simple steps to follow in order to achieve Networking Success however many ‘networkers’ don’t follow the steps or don’t make the time to implement consistently

So when I say it’s simple, I’m referring to the mechanics of networking, or the things you need to do to achieve success. Let’s have a look at what they are:

  1. Be clear on what you’d like to achieve with your networking
  2. Have your business ‘story’ short and to the point ready
  3. Walk around the room and talk to people – introduce yourself
  4. Ask the other person about their business and themselves
  5. Listen – Listen – Listen
  6. Take and hand out business cards
  7. Follow up – get in touch with all the people you got a business card from
  8. Meet again with the people you’d like to form alliances with
  9. Check if you achieved your network outcome – if not become clearer on it and keep networking

All above steps are simple to take…the one most often missed, usually because of ‘lack of time’ is the follow up or meet again yet that’s a very important one

Success arrives when you follow up with people, get to know them better which in turn makes it easier to like them and build relationships

To your Networking Success


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