New Members

New Members add New Business Opportunities…

There are currently 6,866 BNI chapters and in 2011, BNI members gave 6.9 million referrals, leading to business worth $3.7 billion….

Quite impressive, don’t you think…?

…and it is really great to get a new member into your local chapter…like we did this morning at Midas, in Bulimba:












David Hunter, the owner of Karda Constructions told me how he started his business about three and a half years ago and has his wife involved behind the scenes…a traditional family business

David is full of enthusiasm and energy to look after renovations big and small and takes great care with the details…for customers and his staff!

So as a new member it is great to get in and meet as many of the existing members as possible that way bonds can be formed early

How do you go about networking and forming relationships as a new member..? Not all networking groups have established systems like BNI to help you really get returns..

Being a new member can be exciting and also a bit scary…and again…BNI gives us the process on how to integrate well…

…and of course every new members means fantastic, new business opportunities for the existing members

This is particularly so in the BNI networking system as YOU will be the ONLY one in your category…all work for construction and renovation will go to David Karda..isn’t that a great prospect…?!

Wishing you success, David, and as soon as we get the next new member, you won’t be new anymore…!

Great week of networking, fnding more new members, and connecting with existing ones!


Sigrid de Kaste







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