How Do You Know If You Belong? by Sigrid de Kaste It is said people love to belong to something, be part of something. Belonging is the feeling of being valued, of value How does that work in Networking? Think about it, to an extend we actually want to belong […]

Do you belong?

What’s a Networking Strategy and Have you got one? by Sigrid de Kaste Do you go to breakfasts and lunches in order to meet new people…make new contacts and network? I’m looking forward to International Women’s Day Breakfast…a fantastic opportunity to meet and make contact with heaps of people I […]

Networking Strategy

When you don’t know what you need to know?! by Sigrid de Kaste Coming into a new group can be daunting for some…coming in and not knowing anyone might be scary…and coming in and NOT being told what to do and how to do what needs doing can be terrifying! […]

Do you know?

{EAV:3a261ca4e4c7a2f9} Networking One on One by Sigrid de Kaste Going on the Networking circuit when you first go into business is a great way to get to know other business owners. It’s also great to find out what type of businessses are out there and whether or not you have […]

Meeting One on One

Invitation to Connect ….with so many different ways to connect with each other online in the various forums, platforms and via email….video is a powerful and effective way to capture your audience, engage and become known… So here I took 15min to chat about BNI…the highlights as I see them […]


To Brand or Not to Brand… Branding creates visibility for your product or services…it’s a visusal way to become recognized and in marketing terms branding is explained as having 3 main purposes: Product/Services identitfication Repeat Sales New Product Sales There is a fascination with branding….and it can mean different things […]

Are You Invisible?

Reaching New Customers in New Markets… Your customers aren’t waiting around for your to contact them…letterbox drops, telemarketing or TV advertising is only one way to reach new customers… When Consumers are ready to buy they go out looking…on the web….online news articles…searching for social proof If you want to […]

Reaching New Customers

Do you race from one Networking Function to another? Networking Like a Pro: Turning Contacts into Connections Of course, we all like to be seen in as many places as possible, make contacts and make an impact Does that mean we go to as many functions as we have time […]

Network Hopping

Does Your Networking go beyond Coffee and Cakes Catch-Up? It’s commonly accepted that Networking is the key to successful business growth….building relationships and the all powerful: it’s WHO you know, not neccessarily what! So what is there really to it, Networking, I mean? Exchanging business cards, putting someone new on […]

Networking Coffee and Cakes

5 Keys to Creating a Powerful Presentation Whenever you’re called upon to present your product, service or generally your business you’ve got a great opportunity to potentially new customers… So it’s somewhat self explanatory that you’d want to make the best of it…however many people are poorly prepared even if […]

Powerful Presentations