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5 Keys to Creating a Powerful Presentation

Whenever you’re called upon to present your product, service or generally your business you’ve got a great opportunity to potentially new customers…

So it’s somewhat self explanatory that you’d want to make the best of it…however many people are poorly prepared even if they’ve been given plenty of time…some just don’t bring their point across and some simply miss saying it all for assuming everyone in the audience already knows it all…

As a past member of Toastmasters myself…and whether you agree with the Toastmasters style or not…take on board these 5 key elements to a powerful presentation next time it’s your turn

1. Who are you speaking to?

Be clear of who will be in the audience, are you speaking to fellow business owners, will you have potential customers in the group? Research what the audience might currently be looking for in your product or service…how can you help them

2. Create a Story

We all like a good story…creating your presentation in the form of a story will make it more memorable…think of every great orator and how they’ve left their audience with exactly what they intended to bring across. In nearly all cases a story was told

3. Prepare Your Presentation to AIDA

If you think you can just “wing” it you’re mistaken! Properly prepare to bring your point across and use the AIDA method:

Grab Attention as you start off…get audience Interest and create Desire then follow and finish with a strong call to Action and you’ll always leave them remembering you

4. Use Visuals

Much is being written about using powerpoint to death…here is the thing…visuals stay in peoples memory much longer

If you think powerpoint is not your thing…bring other visuals and tie your story to it, you will find people remember visuals…and by thew way…powerpoint has much to offer and really is a great tool!

5. Stick to the Time

You’re allocated a certain amount of time….make full use of it and STICK to it! There’s nothing worth than a speaker who only just get’s going when time’s up! I was at a function recently where 2 speakers obviously had not done any preparation other than slides and then did NOT stay with that slide story…they went on and on aimlessly talking only to find time was up at slide no 5 with 15 to go! What a dissapointment for the audience

Time your presentation that way you can be sure you can make your point and a powerful call to action at the end…

If you have any questions in regards to presentations please contact me. I’m happy to help and also offer a Presentation Package, teaching you step by step how to make the most of all your presentation opportunities


Sigrid de Kaste

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