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Networking events are great for making new connections. You might network to get more business or become better known.  AND networking events are great for getting new and useful information from presentations

Most networking events offer a speaker opportunity. At this function I was impressed with Lenore Sieber from Remax United Vision speaking about Property Management. The event she spoke at was a BNI chapter in Brisbane, Australia

Remax Property Management

Lenore is a very active networker and makes contact with people very easily. She has to, as a property manager she is in contact with people every day.

If you are a person a little more reserved or even shy you may walk up to someone like Lenore Sieber. An outgoing person like her will make you feel incredibly welcome. Lenore deals with tenants, property owners and trades people daily as a property manager. For Lenore it is important to get them to feel at ease.

This is something Lenore has the ability to bring to networking events. Being so outgoing really made the Property Management presentation fun. Yes, not only interesting, but also fun!

Property Management Agent Lenore Sieber

A person like Lenore has the gift of making you feel great so you will soon find yourself answering questions and being very comfortable in a networking situation

You may not go to many networking functions for fear of being shy. The thing is, though, the more you go the better you get at it. The shyness will leave you with practice

The presentation by Lenore Sieber on Property Management offered this group important information on the do’s and don’ts of Property Management. The main point was why it is really NOT a good idea to look after property management yourself

Another great part of this Property Management presentation was the way Lenore drew the audience into it. She asked questions and expected the audience to respond. That’s a great way to keep people interested and involved

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Article by Sigrid de Kaste, Marketing Specialist and Director of Stickybeak Marketing

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