Speed Networking

Does Speed Networking help you get New Business?

An annual event run by the Chamber of Commerce in Bangor, Maine (US) is always a great success for participants to make new contacts

The actual event is an expo opportunity for local businesses to display their wares and the speed networking session is hugely popular

Some business owners might not be so comfortable with networking so in this format they only have 2min to meet and greet someone new and don’t have to nervously think of a lot to say…just the most important things about your business

I’m not sure if you’ve attended a speed networking event, I have

I admit, it was fun…trying to put who you are and what you do into 2min…a challenge for sure!

The great thing though, as some of the more sceptical Bangor participants said, they’ve made new contacts they would not otherwise have made

I would say give it a go…it’s really well designed and useful if you’re looking for this:

  • New Contacts in Business
  • Practise in summing up your Business
  • Possible new Joint Venture Partners

We’ve got an online event happening this Tuesday…the networking will be more via the chatbox but certainly an opportunity to gain some new knowledge

Check it out and reserve your spot here:

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