Top Networking Skills

What are the Top Networking Skills?

Lindsay Adams, the National Director of the Referral Institute tells us there are 10 Top Networking Skills and I think I agree with Lindsay!

Lindsay lists his top 10 in his latest blog and goes to say there are statistics showing 60% of people in business are naturally shy

Are you one of those?

It certainly pays to be able to nut out your ‘elevator’ speech and be ready at any time to use it – when opportunity knocks you want to be ready!

The big question for many is: how can being shy be overcome?

Lindsay Adams reflects on the excellent education and opportunities available as a BNI networker

Lindsay AdamsHis Top 10 Networking Skills flow into other areas of business as well

Think about what you say when you meet someone new, is it about you? People like to talk about themselves, so as a good networker listening is more important then talking

If you are a regular networker, checking out Lindsay Adams Top 10 Networking Skills will help you achieve more then you perhaps are getting from your time spent meeting new poeple


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